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Our Reach

We own and manage more than 330 points of sale, and they grow continuously. Where we look forward to achieve the greatest distribution and sales results, in known commercial centers, specialized shopping centers, and strategic HUBs, and where sales staff periodically undergo special training programs, to help them upgrade and provide the highest level of tact and sales skills - dealing with our customers under all conditions and requirements. All of our staff are aquatinted with the latest prevailing trends and perfume tones in the local and global markets as well.


Alwaleef Group is always investing in new sales outlets and locations, including points in GCC countries of major interest, thus having closer relationship with a wider range of customers in the region.

Rawasi Brown PerfumeRawasi White PerfumeRawasi Black PerfumeFirst Moon Black Perfume
First Moon Brown PerfumeKhuiala Silver PerfumeKhuiala Gold PerfumeKhuiala Black Perfume
Wishah PerfumeSharq MabthothRemal Alfeda PerfumeRemal Alzahab Perfume
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