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About Alwaleef

About Alwaleef Group

Alwaleef Group was established in 2009 as the first commercial industrial enterprise specialized in the smart use of the best types of International aromatic oils, and the best maker of new combinations of excellent tones and original perfumes that are creativity design and carefully packaged with taste, distributed successfully in the local market of Saudi Arabia.

Over years, the Group has been driven by acheiving a challenging dream in the establishing one of the first production houses for professional perfumes and incense; that perfectly met all International standards in terms of quality and presentation. Eventually, this led to a strong engagement between our brands and the growing loyal customers of various taste-segments in the Kingdom.

The Group has emerged with its fleet of experts and sales representatives as one-entity, which began its growing path actively year after year. And proudly, the Group now has a respectful portfolio of brands that flourished throughout the KSA in all major commercial centers. For every time the word 'Waleef' - our pilot perfume trademark - is mentioned, the air becomes scented with the real breeze of perfection. Eventually, this brand became more successful with the emerging of unrivaled Brands and TradeMarks that we have developed remarkably in the Saudi market.

Rawasi Brown PerfumeRawasi White PerfumeRawasi Black PerfumeFirst Moon Black Perfume
First Moon Brown PerfumeKhuiala Silver PerfumeKhuiala Gold PerfumeKhuiala Black Perfume
Wishah PerfumeSharq MabthothRemal Alfeda PerfumeRemal Alzahab Perfume
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