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Chairman Speech

A Letter from the Chairman

Under the progressive developments that the markets of Saudi Arabia undergoes at present - Saudi Arabia as one of the largest economies worldwide, and largest spending per capita on perfume - Alwaleef Group strived to keep up with this positive environment diligently to reproduce itself to offer a brand new Identity and impose a new challenging marketing strategy for its factory and brands it owns. These remarkable developments are aligned with our group's long term strategy in penetrating the GCC market amid all peer competitions and challenges ahead.

As our fragrance portfolio as concerned, we have earned a self-made confidence that we achieved a significant progress in manufacturing of a wide range of original perfumes inspired by our Oriental background, embedded with our proven experiences in Western aromatic oils. We have focused heavily on diversity of production and on providing the highest quality to meet all customers' tastes of different cultures and backgrounds.

Our continuous efforts in the development of our group calebur over the past years has produced a great number of career opportunities that have enriched the labor market in KSA. We focused heavily on attracting administrative and marketing talents, and now we are keen on attracting smart fresh graduates and skillful technicians as well as sales and public relations experts.

We hope that we - at Alwaleef Group - are able to elevate our business over the next ten years into an admirable peer rank among the International big players, as we are now proud of our track record of achievements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we are committed in attaining a distinctive position in the regional perfume industry and the fragrance marketing business in further development of our new communications strategy, and the local ongoing growth of creative sale-points up to 330 point of sales throughout the Kingdom at the end of 2015.

Introducing "Elevation Embraced" as our new Motto, it is a true call for all our customers and partners to join us the success path we are riding, and above all, an inspiring message to our qualified employees that "we support your success, because ours is embracing your individual elevation. Carry On!".


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