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Elevate with Our Brands

We manufacture all kinds of perfumes, oil perfume essences, through sprays to Oud incenses, scented Oud and air refreshers. In addition to certain types of cosmetics like soap items, powder, and body lotions. Questing for more recognition and excellence, we focus our perfumes DNA on the concept of fusion integration between Eastern and Western scents, and carefully recreate our own lines within this trend of tones; which is witnessing a growing demand in GCC and the Kingdom. We love what we do, that's our success story in brief.
Our distinctiveness trademarks and brands since our beginning have formed the benchmarks of significance for us a growing players in the market, and among the most important brands are: "Waleef", "Marmar", "Tous Les Jours", and "Zarkashah". These brands took over the responsibility of transferring our values and thinking into real top of mind brands for thousands of  customers in the Kingdom. 

The Group offers a wide variety of fragrances under the brand name 'Tous Les Jours' (Every Day), which offers a wide category of customers a huge variety of tastes for all moods and times.  Our product-development department is constantly exploring new boundaries in the field of perfume oils and packaging design around the world, and works continuously to bring amazing new formulas and tones that match audience' desire. We always take into account the different taste capabilities of our customers while maintaining the quality and consistency in our products; especially the quality in fragrance stability and packaging. Nothing better than passion urges us to present the best to our customers. They always form an important part of our success.

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